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About Frame Kits for Mirrors

Does my mirror have to be removed from the wall?

Is it a problem if my mirror sits on top of the backsplash?

We have acrylic clips on top holding the mirror. Will they affect the framing?

What do we do about the metal channel at the bottom of the mirror?

Will the frame come off the mirror due to moisture and humidity in the bathroom?

What if there is almost little to no clearance on one or more sides of my mirror?

If shipped unassembled how long will the assembly take?

How long will the installation take on the mirror?

About Custom Framed Mirrors

How do I measure for a custom framed mirrors?

Can I order a custom frame mirror in any size?

Do you sell custom framed mirrors in single orders or quantities?

About Ordering in Length/Box

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Mirror Upgrade Warranty

What does Mirror Upgrade warranty cover?

How long does the coverage last?

Who does the warranty apply to?

What does the warranty cover?

What does the warranty not cover?

What do you have to do to obtain warranty service?